Need a Tow in the Homestead, FL Area?

Need a Tow in the Homestead, FL Area?

Our local tow truck is ready to pick you up 24/7

When your car breaks down in Homestead, FL, don't panic. Just call on James Transports & Recovery for help. Our local tow truck is available 24/7 to pick you and your vehicle up with our emergency towing services.

We can tow medium-sized cars and trucks up to 50 miles from the site where they broke down. You can have us bring you to any location of your choice, including your home, a nearby repair shop or a gas station.

Call us at 305-951-8885 whenever you need an emergency tow service.

Services you can trust

When you have our local tow truck pick you and your ride up, you can be confident that you're getting top-notch towing services. That's because we:

  • Will come out no matter the time or weather
  • Treat your car with respect
  • Respond quickly and promptly to calls
Reach out to us to get your car or truck towed.